Trip Market

The section ”Trip Market” gives brokers the possibility to post trips when they search aircraft for air charter.

View all trips

The subsection "View all trips” contains all trips that are posted by all the registered users. It is possible to rank them in accordance with the date of creation and with the date of departure/arrival of the air charter 1st leg. Use the search form to find trips with itineraries and dates you are interested in.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Viewing the trips that are posted by the other registered users is available only for the air operators.

You may see selected trips by clicking on the mark >. All trips contain requirements for the aircraft. If you have already sent offers to this trip you can see all your offers on the same web page with the trip.

You will be able to make your offer when you press the button “Add an Aircraft” and then you can send it to the charter broker. All sent offers will be available in the section “Trip Market / Sent Offers”.

My trips

The subsection «My trips” contains all the trips that are posted by you. You may edit or delete any after clicking on the mark >.

Create a new trip

The subsection «Create a new trip” is intended for creating and posting your trip with the certain itinerary, requirements for the aircraft and date of the flight. After posting, your trip will be available for all registered air operators and you can receive multiple offers from them. All offers from air operators are stored in the section “Trip Market / Received Offers”.

If you don’t want to receive offers from any of the operators just insert them to the black list. The black list will be valid only for the current trip. If you want to keep this list for all your subsequent trips, press “Save”.