MAIL - Received requests

This subsection contains the requests that were sent by charter brokers to your company when they search the aircraft for air charter. Each request is shown in the table as a separate line.

You may offer any of your aircraft for air charter when you respond to the request and specify the confirmed price quotation for the offer. The price quotation for the charter may be calculated manually or automatically based on the applied price profile for the aircraft. If you have no possibility to use the aircraft you may decline the request by clicking on the “Reject” button.

MAIL - Sent requests

This subsection displays all your requests to air operators. Each request is shown as a separate line in the table.

When the operator sends a response to your request are automatically filled out the contacts of the employee who has sent the response and confirmed the price quotation for the air charter are automatically filled out.

MAIL - Trip Market / Received Offers

This subsection contains all offers that were sent by operators for your trips posted on the “Trip Market”. Each new trip shows as a separate line in the table. You can see all offers for this trip from all operators by clicking on the mark >. The offers may be ranked by the date of receipt, by the operators or by the quotes.

MAIL - Trip Market / Sent Offers

This subsection displays all your offers to the charter brokers’ trips. You can see all your outgoing offers to this trip by clicking on the mark >. You may rank your offers by the date, by the aircraft or by the quote.