This subsection displays all your joined with VIP charter aircraft and shows their active status.

To join the aircraft click on the “Add a new aircraft” button and fill in the aircraft specifications on the web page. The joined aircraft will be added to the system, but you cannot mark the status of the aircraft as active before you get the approval by the web site administrator. All newly joined aircraft must be approved before using them.

To approve a newly joined aircraft you have to provide documentary evidence of your authority to use this aircraft for charters (for example: the evidence of ownership; AOC; a power of attorney or your agreement with the aircraft operator or with the owner). The documents can be uploaded to the website on the aircraft specification web page, or sent via e-mail: support@vipcharter.online.

After the joined aircraft will be approved, you can mark its status as active. Active aircraft are available for all service functionality and capabilities of the web site.

You can see the edit web page of the aircraft by clicking on the edit mark of any of your aircraft. Also, you may change the status of the aircraft on this web page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The section “Domestic areas” on the edit web page is for competitive calculation of flights of the aircraft.

The section “Restricted areas” serves to exclude the aircraft from search results when the flight route contains the airports that are specified in the restricted list.

You may create the schedule for the aircraft, manage the flight pricing, display the aircraft in all search results, add the empty legs and use all web site functionality for air operators only if the aircraft will be in active status.

If you don’t want to use the approved aircraft just turn off the active mode. The aircraft will be inactive and it will be invisible for other users. You may turn on the active mode for the approved aircraft in the future at any time.

You may delete any aircraft from your account. The deleted aircraft will be deleted from your account, but it will remain in the VIP charter database until it will be deleted by the web site administrator.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The service verifies the uniqueness for each registration number. It is impossible to join the removed aircraft until it will be deleted from VIP charter database by the web site administrator.

In case you cannot join a new aircraft or if you see that it has already joined and managed by another operator, but this aircraft is your property or you have authority to use this aircraft for air charters please contact to the web site administrator using the form on the first web page of your account or sent your e-mail directly to: support@vipcharter.online