1. Subject of the User Agreement

1.1 Subject of this User Agreement shall be relations between Online Service LLC (hereinafter referred to as the “Online Service”) a company whose registered office is locates at 7 build.2 Nastasjinsky lane Moscow127006 Russian Federation being the management company of an Internet service at (hereinafter referred to as the Internet Service as well as “”, ”Internet Service” or “Service”) and being the plenipotentiary of the rightful owner of this Service and you (an individual or corporate using the Service), hereinafter referred to as the “User” as regards using the Internet Service.

Using Service the User agrees to observe the terms and conditions stipulated herein. The User Agreement may be amended by without any special notice.

1.2 The User Agreement shall govern the procedure for using service. Provisions hereof shall be binding on all the Users both registered on the Internet Service and started its using.

Each time accessing the Internet Service (using the Internet Service) the User shall agree with the terms and conditions hereof and agreements for Service as well as with the terms and conditions of other norms and regulations governing the procedure for using the Internet Service as in force on the date of actual usage.

2. General terms and conditions

2.1 Online Service shall provide access to the Internet Service available on personal computer and various mobile devices.

2.2 Service is implemented as a web service which provides the ability to search aircraft for air charters for brokers and ability to sell air charters for aircraft operators. The above features are available via the web interface located on the Internet at the following and specialized hardware and software aimed at transfer, accumulation and processing of information provided in electronic form, access to which is restricted to the use of the User account created after registration in the Service.

2.3 The User shall understand and agree that Service may contain advertisements and that availability of those advertisements is essential prerequisite of using Service. The User shall also understand and agree that VIP charter Service may contain messages from Online Service such as service messages, automatic reports and informational messages.

2.4 Online Service is not an operator or an air broker; it does not get any fee for booking and for organization of air charters, does not accept and does not ensure payment for the charter services offered by the Users of the Service. Also Online Service is not a mediator at the conclusion of contracts between the Users of the Service and does not assume any responsibility for the performance and observance of the agreements between the Users of the Internet Services, as well as between the Users and third parties.

All relationships between the Users of the Service on any matter, as well as all relationships between the Users of the Service and any contractors who are not Users of the Service, shall be managed by the Users independently and are not subject to (of) this User Agreement.

2.5 Any offer, automatically calculated and generated by the Service on request of the User, is not a formal offer. The Service provided only reference information, which is designed to help the User who made a request, analyze of quotations and the air charter’s terms. The Service shall not be liable for the accuracy of the quotations and the charter’s terms, including the ones already confirmed directly by the performers.

2.6 The User shall agree that Online Service may collect anonymous statistical data and User’s public information according to published Privacy Policy.

2.7 Registering his/her E-mail and phone number in the settings of Service the User shall agree to get messages relevant to his/her professional activities from Online Service and the third person.

2.7.1 Service provides the Users with the functionality to independently send messages to the third person. Sending messages to the third person through Service the User shall agree that all its messages may be determined as sent from his/her name. Thereat, the user shall be personally liable for all the potential claims related to sending messages to such person.

2.8 Online Service shall be entitled to establish additional requirements and restrictions as regards registration on the Internet Service or using the Service.

3. Entering of the User Agreement into force

3.1 This User Agreement as well as amendments and supplements hereto shall enter into force since published at The User’s agreement with the terms and conditions hereof shall be expressed by clicking on the “Sign Up” button placed under the registration form, or by actual using Service.

3.2 The User shall be entitled to refuse to accept the User Agreement and its amendments in any time hereto which means the User’s refusal to use the Service.

4. The User’s obligations as regards registration on the Internet Service

4.1. In order to use the Service as well as to obtain the rights to use functional (program) capabilities of the Internet Service the User shall undergo the registration procedure. The User confirms that he/she is over 18 years old, and that he is a capable person, on the basis of the legislation of the country of residence, in the case of logging on as an individual or that the company he represents is registered in the country as he specifies the sign up form, in the case of logging on as a legal entity by accepting the User Agreement.

4.1.1 The sign up procedure involves creation of a user account by using the sign up form. When filling out the sign up form, the User chooses the username and password required for subsequent access to the created account. After filling out the sign up form, he/she receives a confirm account e-mail. Upon confirmation in the manner specified in this email, the account is created and the User gets access to the Service functional. The User confirms that he/she is informed that the security of his account depends on the secrecy of login credentials, as well as the password complexity (number of characters and variations).

4.1.2 Online Service by no means shall check the public information provided by the User, shall be liable to any third person for accuracy and authenticity of the public information.

Publishing his/her public information and joining to the User Agreement the User shall provide Online Service with its consent to processing of the public information, public visibility of his/her profile and the correspondent Services taking into consideration the available functionality (subject to periodic change at the discretion of the Service) as well as to the fact that the public information specified in his/her profile shall be accessible to all registered Users through such functionality. The User shall agree to transfer his/her public information to the third person for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy.

Processing of the User’s data shall be carried out since the date of the User’s registration until the date of cancellation of his/her account.

The User shall agree that when processing the public information Online Service shall be entitled to perform the following acts as with respect thereto: to collect, to classify, to accumulate, to store, to use, to destroy and to perform other actions required to execute the User Agreement.

4.1.3. Upon registration of its account the User shall be entitled to fill it with content inter alia to add photos, add or change the contact information and use the other functional of the Services available for registered Users.

Thereat, the User shall not post on Service any photos, e-mails and other personal information of other person or the third person without their consent thereto.

4.2 The User shall be personally liable for safety and security of his/her login and password.

4.2.1 Online Service shall not be liable and shall not guarantee security of the User’s account in case of: willful or negligent transfer of the password and the login to the third person; the third person’ access to the User’s account using the software enabling to match and/or decode the password; the third person’ access to the User’s account using simple matching of the password the login; the User’s failure to comply with the recommendations stipulated herein and in the interface of the Service.

4.3 The User shall:

- immediately notify Online Service of any unauthorized use of his/her password or account as well as of any other security violations;

- log out from his/her account (conclude each session clicking on the “Exit” button) upon completion of work

4.4 The Service administrators are not aware of the User account password, thus it cannot be recovered in case of a loss. If required, the User's access to his/her account in case of a password loss is possible using the changed password, which is sent to the User’s e-mail provided during the procedure of sign up. A new password can be changed by the User at any time during the work session.

4.5 Online Service shall not be liable for possible loss or damage to the data which may occur due to the User’s failure to comply with the recommendations stipulated in section 4 hereof.

5. Compliance with legislation

5.1 By accepting this Agreement, the User warrants that he/she conducts his/her activities in strict accordance with the law. The User acknowledges that all aircraft he/she offers for an unlimited number of the Service Users, have current airworthiness may be used for commercial purposes at the time of the intended date of travel.

5.2 Any proposals private aircraft for commercial flights via the Service are prohibited.

5.3 The User agrees to be solely liable for any violation of the law.

5.4 In case of violation of the law or the User Agreement Online Service shall have the right to block or remove User’s account without prior notification at any time.

5.5 Online Service shall not be liable for any violation of the law by the User. In the event of a claim from the supervising authorities, regulating compliance with the law, related to the violation of laws, rules or regulations, the User shall settle these claims at his/her own expense.

6. Rules of the registered User’s conduct

6.1 The User shall be fully liable for all content of its messages and for the information, data, text, programs, music, sounds, graphics, video, messages and other materials (hereinafter referred to as the “Materials”), published and/or transmitted through Service. It means that the User, but not Online Service shall be fully liable for all the Materials uploaded, sent, received, transmitted or otherwise made public by the User through Service. Online Service shall not control the Materials transmitted through the Service and accordingly shall not guarantee accuracy, completeness or quality of such Materials. The User shall understand that using Service it may see the Materials seem to be offensive, fraudulent or doubtful, thereat, the User shall understand that liability for such Materials shall be born by the User posted it, but not by Online Service.

6.1.1 The User shall agree that uploading the materials on the Internet Service the user provides access thereto to other registered users on default. Service shall only be the tool enabling the user to access and to make the materials publicly available.

6.2 The User shall agree not to use Service to:

6.2.1 upload, send, transmit or otherwise publish the Materials including by pointing at the location thereof, placing the links which are illegal, malicious, threatening, injure morality, discrediting, infringing copyright or other intellectual property rights, hateful and/or discriminating on the basis of race, ethnic, sex, social status as well as infringing accepted standards and communication ethics on the Internet or hindering other User’s work with Service;

6.2.2 infringe minor person’s rights and/or cause any harm to them including moral harm;

6.2.3 impair the rights of various minorities;

6.2.4 represent itself to be another person or employee of any enterprise and/or association including Support Service of Online Service, employees of Online Service, for moderators as well as to misinform;

6.2.5 upload, send, transmit or otherwise publish the Materials which cannot be made public by the User in accordance with the laws or any third party agreements;

6.2.6 upload, send, transmit or otherwise publish the Materials infringing any third person’s rights including the rights to trademarks (service marks), trade secret and/or to infringe any other intellectual property rights of the third person;

6.2.7 upload, send, transmit or otherwise publish any Materials containing viruses and other computer codes, files and programs intended to cause malfunction, destruction or limitation of functionality of any computer or telecommunication equipment and programs, to obtain unauthorized access to computer systems, equipment or data of the third person as well as serial numbers of commercial software and programs for generation thereof, logins, passwords and other means to obtain unauthorized access to charged Internet resources as well as share links to the above information;

6.2.8 break any rules of the current Russian and/or international laws as well as the laws of foreign states;

6.2.9 collect, store and processing the third person’s personal data;

6.2.10 send e-mails to any person’s address through the Service as well as publish the texts, photos and videos containing coarse, obscene or offensive words or phrases in Service;

6.2.11 send e-mails containing porn texts, photos and videos and to publish the specified Materials in Service;

6.2.12 obstruct the work of the Internet Service by using any software codes;

6.2.13 share links to the Internet resources content of which contradicts the current laws of the RF (Russian Federation or the country of citizenship of the User.

6.3 The User shall not use automated scripts (programs) to collect (or) interact with the Internet Service.

6.4 Except to the extent permitted hereby as well as by the current laws and User Agreement none of the materials may be copied (reproduced), processed, distributed, represented, published, downloaded, transmitted, sold or otherwise used in full or in part without prior consent of Online Service or the correspondent title holder except when the title holder explicitly expresses its consent to common use of the Materials.

6.5 The User shall be entitled to publish in Service the intellectual property assets owned by the User.

6.6 In case of the correspondent title holder’s grounded complaint as regards infringement of his/her legally protected rights Online Service shall be entitled to delete the content posted by the User or block up User’s access thereto without notification of the user and without assigning any reasons.

6.7 The User shall agree that it is personally liable for any Materials or information uploaded or otherwise made publicly available (publish) to the extent of Service or through it. The User shall not be entitled to upload, transmit or publish the Materials in Service if they are not personally created by the User or if the user is not authorized to publish them by the correspondent title holder.

6.8 If there are any third person’s claims related to posting of the materials by the User the User shall independently settle those claims at his/her own expense.

6.9 Online Service shall be entitled to make copies of the Materials to arrange and to facilitate publication and storage of User’s content on the web site.

6.10 The User shall agree that it is personally liable for any information and materials posted in Service and for his/her (User’s) interaction with other Users.

6.11 The Internet Service is publicly available and not predominated information resource and Online Service shall not be liable for any Materials posted by Users thereof.

6.12 Online Service shall not be liable for behaviour of any Users using Service both online and outside the Internet (off-line).

Last updated on 17 April, 2017